{my lingerie play} 2017

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Rattlestick Playwrights Theater presents the World Premiere of
{my lingerie play} 2017: THE CONCERT AND CALL TO ARMS!!!!!!!!! The Final Installation
In association with Rosalind Productions, Inc. (Abigail Rose Solomon, Executive Producer)

Text, Music and Lyrics by Diana Oh
Co-Directed by Orion Stephanie Johnstone and Diana Oh

Featuring Ryan McCurdy (Musical Direction/Drums), Matt Park (Guitar) and Rocky Vega (Bass)

Set Designer - Carolyn Mraz
Lighting Designer - Kate McGee
Sound Designer - Brendan Aanes
Production Manager - Ana Mari de Quesada
Production Stage Manager - Jhanaë Bonnck
Music Director - Ryan McCurdy
Associate Director - Corey Ruzicano
Dramaturg - Mei Ann Teo
Assistant Stage Manager - Ben Quinn
Sound Engineer - Justin Johnson
Community Engagement Managers - Zhailon Levingston & Corey Ruzicano
Community Outreach for Street Performers - Nathaniel P. Caridad
Production Assistant - Chanelle Larios
Tech Production Assistant - Emily Brown
Production Intern - Megumi Lee
Press Representative - Matt Ross Press

September 27 - October 28, 2017
Thursday to Monday at 7:30pm
Opens Monday, October 9th, 2017
**With two added Wednesday performances on September 27 and October 4**

$10 Students
$20 Artists
$30 Previews
$40 General Admission (Starting Oct. 13th)

What drives an artist to stand in her black corset in Times Square on a soapbox? It began at 17 with her first shoplifted f*ck me bra. Over the course of this unfiltered and soul-baring event, Diana Oh's personal collection of unmentionables comes on and off as she and her band ignite the audience to create a safer, more courageous world for us all.

A message from Diana Oh: "This is the 9th and Final Installation of {my lingerie play}: 2017, ten underground performance installations in my lingerie staged in an effort to provide a safer, and more courageous world for women, queer, trans and non-binary humans to live in." Watch all street installations at www.mylingerieplay.com

World Premiere: Featured on Upworthy, People.com, the Huffington Post, Marie Claire Netherlands amongst other publications and on stage at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, Joe’s Pub, Ensemble Studio Theatre, The Lark, and All For One, {my lingerie play} 2017: THE CONCERT AND CALL TO ARMS!!!!!!!!! The Final Installation is a play, a protest, a concert, and an installation all at once. Through this concert-play, Diana and her band explore mainstream culture’s relationship to the body and the deep and complex dynamics that exist regarding sex and gender politics. This culminates in a genre-bending soulful rock and R&B concert-play and final installation of {my lingerie play} 2017: 10 underground performance installations in lingerie (as supported by the Venturous Theater Fund of Tides Foundation for 2017) staged in an effort to provide a saner, safer, more courageous world for women, trans, queer, and non-binary humans to live in.

Since 2014 The Wall Street Journal and Upworthy have called her "bad-ass," while Mic.com noted,  "Lingerie and feminism don't always go hand in hand. But thanks to performance artist Diana Oh, that may soon be changing."

The Huffington Post described {my lingerie play} as “One performance artist is fighting back against the degradation of women’s bodies — one piece of lingerie at a time.”

“It's really, really hard to be this badass. Thankfully, [Diana]'s got it covered.”- Eric March, Upworthy

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{my lingerie play} 2017: Installation #1

VISIT mylingerie.com to learn more about {my lingerie play} going back to 2014!!!!!!!!!

Bios + Manifestos!

Diana Oh is an actor/singer-songwriter/theatremaker/artist of color working to queer the world with her radical non-complacency. Primer for a Failed Superpower (music supervision Orion Johnstone / dir. Rachel Chavkin), Taylor Mac’s 24 Decades, Toshi Reagon’s Parable of the Sower, Judtih Malina's History of the World, New Line Cinema's How to Be Single, Member of Baby No More Times (Spotify!). Creator, writer, and performer of {my lingerie play}, Asian People are Not Magicians on Mic.com, One of Refinery 29’s Top 14 LGBTQ Influencers, The First Queer Korean American interviewed on Korean Broadcast Radio, A Radical Diva Finalist, Van Lier Fellow in Acting (Asian American Arts Alliance), TOW Fellow, Venturous Capital Grant Recipient, and Elphaba Thropp Fellow. www.mylingerieplay.com

I want to create the kind of art that makes people sweat from their soul. I want to make the impossible feel possible in the room. And I believe vulnerability will save us all. I want to create the kind of art that makes people feel ZERO shame about the sex they're having and how they're having it and who they're having it with (unless they're hurting people, in which case, f*ck that). Get out there and Make Love Possible!

ORION STEPHANIE JOHNSTONE (Co-Director) is a theatermaker/organizer/sexuality educator/community minister/composer with a fierce commitment to our collective liberation. Their original music has been at venues including Joe's Pub, the Bushwick Starr, HERE, 3LD, and CSC. They were the assoc. MD of War Horse (1st nat’l tour), and they are music supervisor for the TEAM’s Primer for a Failed Superpower, alongside director Rachel Chavkin. They co-host the podcast Sex For Smart People, they are the chief director of content for KinkedIn: a new dating app for kinky people, they recently co-created a new alternative divinity school for soulful community builders, and they studied justice ministries at Auburn Seminary. www.orionjohnstone.com

May we deepen into the call to co-create a world that can hold all of us, where eventually the concepts of sexual assault and shame will not even compute, where generations from now we won't even need words for such things. Even if we can't fully comprehend it yet, may we know in our blood and in our bones that this is possible.