Basil Kreimendahl

Basil Kreimendahl

Orange Julius- Main Stage by Basil Kreimendahl

Directed by Dustin Wills
A Co-Production with Page 73 Previews January 10 for an opening January 22 and runs through February 12
In Orange Julius, Nut grew up the youngest child of Julius, a Vietnam vet, in the 1980s and 90s working-class America. As Julius suffers the toxic effects of Agent Orange, Nut worries their time together may run out before they can embrace something essential about their relationship. Paging through forgotten photo albums and acting out old war movies about brothers-in-arms, Nut leaps through time and memory, tracing the complex intimacy between father and child when the child is transgender, fighting for a mutual recognition before it's too late. This will be Kreimendahl's first NY production.
“...a rich and thoughtful study of family, love, and the bonds brought about by war. Orange Julius is not just a promising play by a young writer. It’s an assured, mature, work that challenges and moves well beyond expectations.”  ----Bill Eadie, The San Diego Story
Ken Urban

Ken Urban

Nibbler by Ken Urban

A Production by  1467396149978  
February 23- March 18
In the summer of 1992 in Medford, New Jersey, Adam and his gang of friends face life after high school.  But when the fivesome encounter a mysterious visitor from another world, their lives are forever changed. A dark comedy about that time when everything and nothing seems possible.

Emily Zemba & Lauren Annunziata

Next Workshop: A Middle Voice Spring Development Series

March 20- March 26
New Work from Rattlestick's Apprentice Company.  After a week-long workshop, these Middle Voice artists will present works-in-progress.
Martín Zimmeman

Martín Zimmerman

Seven Spots on the Sun- Main Stage by Martín Zimmerman

Directed by Weyni Mengesha (New York Directorial Debut) In collaboration with The Sol Project Previews April 26 for an opening May 10 and runs through June 4
The village of San Isidro has been without its doctor for eighteen months. Moisés has remained a recluse, refusing to even look at a patient, since the day the army took his wife away during the country’s civil war.  But when a mysterious plague begins to ravage the countryside around San Isidro, the local parish priest convinces Moisés to take action. And when Moisés examines his first patient, he discovers he has the miraculous power to heal this plague with the touch of his hand. But among the thousands of pilgrims who flock to San Isidro, Moisés is forced to confront his past, and the violence that tore San Isidro apart. A meditation on mourning, redemption, and revenge, Seven Spots On The Sun follows each character’s attempt to come to terms with the extraordinary loss they have suffered and the miracles they have witnessed.
“...dark and powerful SEVEN SPOTS ON THE SUN feels more like a Grimm fairy tale than a fable.  Overall, powerful stuff and damn good theater.”----Behind the Curtain Cincinnati