Rattlestick believes in supporting community groups and young thinkers.

Teaching Artists Julissa Contreras and Lauren Annunziata at TWYLS Brooklyn.

We work in the classrooms. We have school groups come see our shows, and then host dedicated conversations afterwards. We continue this work by hosting site visits to develop work.

We created specific writing workshops for middle and high­ school students. These workshop sessions address all 5 NYC DOE Blueprint Standards in the Arts Strands.

Rattlestick facilitates in-class curriculum lead by teaching artists that links the content of Main Stage productions. For example with Orange Julius by Basil Kreimendahl, we aligned our curriculum with the current drama, literacy and social studies curriculum the students were learning. Students interact with these plays through an examination of history, language and literature, creative writing, personal response, and develop an understanding of playmaking.

The primary goal of this in-school curriculum program is for students to develop their writing and critical thinking skills as modeled by our Rattlestick playwrights. Using Orange Julius and our partnerships with The Young Women's Leadership Network as an example, YWLN students had 6 different writing prompts inspired by Orange Julius. The writing prompts are designed to progress from structured to more free­form in order to activate the students’ critical thinking skills. Students responded to the historical narrative of the Vietnam War and to the personal journey Nut takes. By the last prompt, the students wrote, designed and performed their own theatrical writings.

Courageous Support for Courageous Art

With your support, Rattlestick will be able to present diverse, challenging and provocative plays that might not otherwise be produced and launch the future voices of the American theater.

-Daniella Topol, Artistic Director

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