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Mashuq Mushtaq Deen

Mashuq Mushtaq Deen

by Mashuq Mushtaq Deen
directed by Chay Yew
presented in partnership with Playmakers Repertory Theatre
The hilarious and deeply moving story of a conservative Muslim mother at her wits end, a Muslim father who likes to tell jokes, and a queer American woman trying to make a good impression on her Indian in-laws. In a story about family and love and the things we do to be together, one immigrant family must come to terms with a child who defies their most basic expectations of what it means to have a daughter... and one woman will redefine the limits of unconditional love.
Stephen Belber

Stephen Belber

SEPT 11 WE ARE AMONG US Written & directed by Stephen Belber Starring Edie Falco presented in partnership with New York Stage & Film The story about one woman who is grappling with her culpability in Afghanistan eight years earlier and the friendship that arises between her son and the daughter of the Afghan man she betrayed.
Meg Miroshnik

Meg Miroshnik

SEPT 12 LADY TATTOO by Meg Miroshnik directed by Margot Bordelon A bloody thriller inspired by the early twentieth century craze for tattoos amongst well-to-do women, Lady Tattoo wrestles with questions about women's agency over their bodies and their art that still resonate today. A commission from South Coast Repertory Theatre. 
James Anthony Tyler

James Anthony Tyler

SEPT 13 TALKIN' TO THIS CHICK SIPPIN' MAGIC POTION by James Anthony Tyler directed by Sandra Daley Jornay, a recent divorcee, decides to save enough money to purchase a fabulous high school graduation gift for her daughter Tiffany. She then loses her job. Determined to make good on her promise, Jornay becomes a cuddle buddy who soon has a regular client that needs more than her touch.
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Liza Birkenmeier

Liza Birkenmeier

SEPT 15 RADIO ISLAND by Liza Birkenmeier directed by Claudia Weill presented in partnership with New Georges Ellen, a professional crisis negotiator, returns home to take care of her injured mother. While there, an international hostage situation bends and blurs with her rural reality. 
Christina Anderson

Christina Anderson

SEPT 16 HOW TO CATCH CREATION by Christina Anderson directed by Daniella Topol presented in partnership with American Conservatory Theatre A wrongly convicted man is released from prison after 25 years. As he settles into a new life he begins the quest to become a father. Spanning more than 40 years, this play explores family, connection, parenthood, and the right to start over.
David Zheng

David Zheng

SEPT 17 GHETTO BAPTISM by David Zheng directed by David Mendizabal A dual love story for the ghetto. Stacks tries to fight his way out while Chino fights to stay and survive. Written by a member of Middle Voice, Rattlestick's apprentice company.
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