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Rattlestick Playwrights Theater is a small, hands-on environment. We offer three internship programs per year: Fall, Spring, and Summer.

Marketing & Development Internship: Responsibilities include a wide selection of administrative tasks, including marketing and promotion, website maintenance, graphic design, development research, grant writing, facilities maintenance, database management, financial planning and processing. Typically, interns work an 18 hour work week, three days a week.

Production Internship
: Requirements include patience, creativity and the ability to lift and carry 30+ lbs.
Preferred:  Understanding of how basic theatrical tech works (lights, sound, set etc), understanding of how to use basic hand and power tools.
Learn how ideas become reality.  The production intern will learn not only how to execute the physical life and design elements of a theatrical production, but also how to maintain a professional theater space.  The purview of a production manager includes, but is not limited to, budget, design, scheduling, union and city regulations, people management, facility management, run concerns and sustainability concerns.  This internship is an opportunity to learn about all of these facets. Time commitment will be flexible. Schedule is based on production needs with load in, tech, and strike being the heaviest. Weekly tasks will be provided.
These are non-paying internships. School credit is available upon request.

*We are always accepting applications for the Internship Program. Those interested in an internship position should email info@rattlestick.org with your cover letter and administrative resume.

Fall Internship: September-December
Spring Internship: January-May
Summer Internship: May-August



For Actors interested in auditioning for our productions, please keep an eye out for our EPA schedule on Playbill. We accept all union affiliations if time allows.


MISSION STATEMENT: We understand that living in NYC sometimes doesn't allow people to have expendable resources to use on many cultural experiences. In an effort to encourage building our Rattlestick community, we are deeply committed to presenting people with ample opportunities to be part of the new theater process through the Rattlestick Usher Program.  We encourage and invite ANYONE able and willing to volunteer their abilities to become part of our usher program!

THE PROGRAM: Love theater?  Want to see new works by emerging playwrights? Be a part of the Rattlestick Usher Program.  This is a unique opportunity for ANYONE to see FREE shows at our theater. If you are interested, please e-mail ushers@rattlestick.org with the subject “USHER” and we will add you to our usher e-mail list.  Please include your name and e-mail address you wish to be contacted through in the body of your e-mail. In order to usher, you must be able to:
- Fold and hand out programs
- Stand for at least an hour
- Assist patrons to their seats
- Provide the BEST customer service in NYC!

Thank you for your interest!  We look forward to having YOU join the Rattlestick community!

Courageous Support for Courageous Art

With your support, Rattlestick will be able to present diverse, challenging and provocative plays that might not otherwise be produced and launch the future voices of the American theater.

-Daniella Topol, Artistic Director

Please support courageous Rattlestick artists with your courageous donation.
Every dollar directly supports courageous artists.