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Mando Alvarado: BASILICA


Written By Mando Alvarado
Directed By Jerry Ruiz

In South Texas, two things loom large—the Catholic Church and Texas pride—and Joe Garza, a strong, hard-working man, embodies one more than the other. But when he learns that Gilbert Gonzalez has returned as the new pastor at the basilica, Joe’s confronted with the choices he made in life and questions the past the only way he knows how—with anger, pride, and a biting tongue.


Jake Cannavale
Bernardo Cubria
Rosal Colon
Selenis Leyva
Alfredo Narciso
Yadira Guevara-Prip
Feliz Solis


Scenic Design Raul Abrego
Lighting Design Burke Brown
Costume Design Carisa Kelly
Props Andrew Diaz
Sound Design Jane Shaw