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Written and Performed by Gideon Irving


Aristic Consultants Ewen Wright & Raki Sastri Stage Manager Rebecca Guskin
Lighting Design Stephen Terry
Scenic Design Silovsky Studios
Costume Design Alice Tavener
Properties Master Casey Alexander Smith
Choreography Lily Gold
Sound Design Dan Gerhard
Production Manager Rebecca Key
Production Assistant Spencer Streno

After a 5-STAR run at the Edinburgh Fringe, an armful of awards, and 504 living room performances, Gideon Irving makes his American stage debut with warm humor and tremendous heart. As a theatrical couch-surfing troubadour he has hopped from one town to the next on bike, rollerblades, and automobiles, performing and sleeping in the homes of perfect strangers. Now, with his banjo Rossana under his arms, Gideon invites audiences into his own living room on the NY stage. The instruments are eclectic, the stories are astonishing, and the spell he casts transports you out of this world.


Review: ‘My Name Is Gideon: I’m Probably Going to Die, Eventually’, The New York Times

What a Treat Gideon Is!', Theater in the Now

Gideon Ponders His Life in a Playhouse, Theater Pizzzazz


Hello my name is Gideon and you have reached the cyber hub of my solo Stove-Top Folk, international home show venture. I play shows in peoples homes, and occasionally theaters and festivals. I love playing shows. I love it a lot, even more than I love eating sandwiches, which is a great deal. That's not a joke, just a bit of info about me. I love sandwiches.

I weave my banjo, bouzouki, stomping, shruti box, mbira, jews harps, electronics, ocean harp, and other gizmos into an eclectic song-story hybrid. I hate trying to describe what I do, nothing quite sounds right. I'd rather just do it ya know? Since returning from my "Way Over There Tour" in New Zealand Where I played shows in homes across the south and north islands for 4 months during 2012 traveling on bicycle with my instruments towing in a trailer behind, I have toured across the US 7 times by vehicular automobile. In October of 2012 I launched my "Staying Put Tour" traveling home to home through NYC on roller blades while pushing a modified shopping cart. I have brought my two solo shows and my two man shows, The Gideon and Hubcap Show and The Gideon and Hubcap Show for Kids, Adults and Everyone Else, to over 600 homes thus far. In 2015 Hubcap and myself brought The Gideon and Hubcap Show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world. The experience filled us with an inappropriate amount of joy. We brought it to a theater the size of a living room and made that our home each night. I made that show with my old friend and collaborator, musician and historical musicologist, Dr. Hubcap "Nate" Sloan. We describe it as an eclectic evening of songisms and theatrication, a multi-instrumental hybrid of vaudevillian flair and tectonic depth, a slap-your-knee, grab-your-neighbor, un-tweet-able home-made home-show in your homie's home. I returned to the Fringe in August 2016 with my solo show My Name Is Gideon - songs, space travel and everything in between then brought my show My Name Is Gideon - i'm probably going to die eventually to NYC for a month long off-broadway run at The Rattlestick Theater. All this was a great deal of fun. So boring just listing things you've done. Who would ever get this far in this paragraph? Nobody I hope! Maybe a private investigator or if I'm being audited or something. 

Later Event: January 10
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