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Excerpts of New Work by Rattlestick Alumni Artists


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Alumni Jam is super-snazzy evening where 5 Rattlestick Alumni playwrights - Jesse Eisenberg, Halley Feiffer, Sam Hunter, Diana Oh and Ren Santiago, will share a sneak preview of super-secret upcoming projects. This year’s alumni jam will be hosted by Kyra Sedgwick.

We do this Alumni Jam annually so we can raise a little money while we celebrate our powerful Rattlestick alumni artists, and to pull our audiences into new and yet-to-be-helmed pieces.


In Hunter’s Greater Clements, in rural Idaho near an abandoned mine with a history of fatal accidents sits Maggie's small mining museum in its final days of being open to the public. When a man and his granddaughter arrive at the museum for a tour, long-buried hope and shame from both Maggie's personal past and the history of this recently--and controversially--unincorporated town are resurrected. The cast will include Lewiston/Clarkston actors Edmund Donovan and Kristen Griffith, as well as Angela Reed. This excerpt will be directed by Kyra Sedgwick.

Eisenberg will perform The Ziegfeld Files, about a new father, struggling to connect to his child, who is sent to a therapist who tasks him with keeping a diary to better understand his emotions.

Feiffer’s The Agonist follows Marian, the glamorous (and much younger) wife of celebrated novelist Pete Lubevitch: an identity she was more or less at peace with... until her husband gets diagnosed with ALS. As Pete gets sicker, Marian decides to hire a home health aide -- a decision that unexpectedly turns all three of their lives upside down. The cast will include Maria Dizzia (In the Next Room), Dan Oreskes (Oslo, Happy Talk). This excerpt will be directed by Kyra Sedgwick.

Diana Oh is a witch. She knows it. So do her closest friends. Clairvoyance runs in her family. She went to a spiritual counselor in the jungle in Thailand, and the spiritual counselor told her to sing and go wild in Boston. Everything else the spiritual counselor said came true, so Diana is doing it. Clairvoyance features Oh and Matt Park ({my lingerie play}).

Santiago’s The Siblings Play delves deep into the psyche of a teenage girl and her two brothers, who have been left to raise one another in their parents' absence. The play looks at the ways these three teenagers protect, love, fight, and diminish in the wake of their family history, as well as explores the complexity of growing up with parents who are too young to be parents in the first place. The cast will include Edison Ventura Mata and Kara Young. This excerpt will be directed by Jenna Worsham.

Our Production Stage Manager for Alumni Jam will be Katie Young.

2019 Line-Up

Rattlestick is not an ADA-compliant venue. However, we do our best to accommodate any and all patrons. For full notice: the theater sits above a 17-step staircase, our seats are raked among 10 steps, and our bathrooms are onstage at the top of 3 steps.

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