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Annual Reports
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Letter from the Artistic Director


In July 2021, as we were preparing to launch an incredibly ambitious season, we were flooded with questions related to COVID. Can we really pull this off? Can we keep actors safe while working? What about testing? Understudies? COVID officers? Would the audiences come back to the live event? Or want streaming? Or both? Will two of our core artists - Mansa and Martin - be able to travel here from LA and Hungary?

And then there was the host of artistic questions. Can we really shift to a 5-day work week? What does it take to translate into another language? How will streaming productions fare aesthetically vs. in person?

Oh, and will we be able to answer all of these questions while raising millions of dollars to renovate our theater so it is fully accessible with an elevator and bathrooms for the audience?

Well, I am so proud to tell you that, in spite of all of the questions, we all held hands and leaped - artists, staff, board, community partners, and you, our beloved audience - to emerge together. Hundreds of Rattlestick artists created work this year and thousands of audiences stuck with us. We have emerged together - stronger, braver, and more unified - than before.

Thank you for sticking with us!

Daniella Topol

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