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Bathroom Campaign

Donate $25 or more and help make Rattlestick's bathrooms accessible for all. Add your name to our bathroom wall and triple the impact of your gift before August 15th with the Battin Match!

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When You’ve Got to Go

Rattlestick’s bathrooms aren’t quite like the bathrooms you’re used to. For 22 years, artists and audience members alike have had to wait in line on stage to use the facilities. And we don’t want to put anyone center stage who doesn’t want the spotlight. More importantly, it’s time we upgrade our bathrooms to be ADA accessible so that everyone can use them.

As part of Rattlestick’s Artistic Home project to renovate the theater, we invite you to join our Bathroom Campaign, and help give artists and audiences access to restrooms without disrupting performances. In addition to moving Rattlestick’s facilities off stage and making them accessible for all, we’re creating a dedicated bathroom for artists, to give them the space and privacy they deserve.

Roll with Us

That’s where YOU come in! Donate $25 or more via GiveLively or send a check to 224 Waverly Pl, New York, NY 10014, and your name will be immortalized on our new bathroom walls.


Until August 15th, all donations under 5k to the Artistic Home Campaign will be matched 2:1 by the Victor C. & Clara C. Battin Foundation. So, don’t flush away your chance to make an impact!

Feeling Cheeky?

If you’re wondering what else you can do to support the renovation, please share our video with your friends, family, and followers – or better yet, make your own bathroom video about what Rattlestick means to you. Don’t forget to wash your hands and tag us at @rattlestickny!

Learn more about our Artistic Home Campaign to renovate our beloved West Village theater here or email Laura at

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