General Manager Annie Middleton, Associate Producer Victor Cervantes and I have been moved by the many people who have helped Rattlestick over these past few months. These champions of our company have taught us (cliche alert!) how "it takes a village" and why we need to "depend on the kindness of strangers." As we approach Thanksgiving, these are some of the people/groups we want to acknowledge: 

Thank you to our robust alumni playwrights who have welcomed this new chapter with a generous spirit.

Thank you to Middle Voice, our apprentice company, under the mentorship of Lucy Thurber, which has participated in many new programs this fall with professionalism, creativity, generosity, and courage.

Thank you to Polly Lee who is heading up our crac 'Stic it team (with Ngozi Anyanwu, Vered Hankin, David Mendizabal, and Cori Thomas) who are out scouting new work, reading submissions, and acting as an artistic sounding board for new ideas.

Thank you to our committed and tireless interns who have designed posters, supported our grant submissions, organized our play submissions process, painted the stage, and done scores of other things to keep Rattlestick humming.

hank you iko Tsakolakos for worng with us to deeply understand our audiences wit focus group and all of the people who were part of these summer sessions.

Thank you to Scott Johnson for working on the design of the stairway leading up the theater, and for hosting our Actors-Who-Write labs.
Thank you to Justin Townsend, Sarah Johnston, and Andrew Kerr-Thompson for making sure that our theater is in top-notch condition for incoming artists like Mike Daise nd AFO Theater o do their best work.

Thank you to Margot Avery, Cusi Cram, Neil Goldberg, Scott Johnson, Ricardo Perez-Gonzalez, and Brigitte Viellieu-Davis for working with us on the first step of our West Village initiative, with the generous support of Still Point Fund.
Thank you to Laura Rebell Gross, Maureen Burgess and Morgan Gould for working with us on creating new theater programs for the public/charter school sector and private schools.

Thank you to Ava Paloma for taking fantastic photographs of different 'Stick events.

All of the mentors in the industry who have been so helpful during this time of transition and new managerial experiences: from Andre Bishop at Lincoln Center, Ginny Louloudes and Ann-Marie Lonsdale at ART/NY, Jim Nicola and Linda Chapman at NYTW, John Eisner and Michael Robertson at the Lark, Billy Carden at EST, Julie Crosby and Bruce Cohen, Lauren Wainwright at Tectonic, and George Forbes at Lucille Lortel Foundation.
Thank you to Kathy Evans, David Forney, and Ellio relof or their energetic work on our marketing committee; to Andrew Asnes, Phil Gelston, Dan Markley, and Rosalee Lovet (our fierce Finance Committee); ur new auditor, Karen Kowgios, who also been instrumental in this transition; to Phyllis Goldman, Colin Greer, Nello McDaniel, Horace Barker, and Trudi Biggs McCanna who have quietly and selflessly spent hours with me as strategic advisors on board development, and strategic planning; and to our amazing board of directors and advisory board for their advocacy, support and advice.

Thank you to those foundations and individuals who financially support our company’s programming and general operations.  You know who you are.  THANK YOU.  We are a small theater with low ticket prices so every dollar counts and youur support enables us to take more risks, increase artist fees, and provide adequate resources to our productions.

Finally, thank you to our patrons and audience, for attending, supporting, and believing in the theater we are making. Your energy and curiosity plays a vital role in our ability to test out new material and launch new work.  

Daniella Topol