Clearing a Path for the Future

Our team clears out the theater to prepare for our space changes.

Our team clears out the theater to prepare for our space changes.

Demolition is due to start August 6th. What??!!!

We are actually just removing our stage, our seating platforms, and our lighting grid but contractors use the word ‘demolition’ which is a bit too dramatic for my taste.

We have been meaning to give the physical plant of Rattlestick theater some love for quite some time. Like anything in one’s life, if it hasn't been loved in a while, it needs tending to.

The impetus for all of this is Sam Hunter’s diptych in the fall. He wrote these two beautiful plays -- set on either side of the Snake River in the Pacific Northwest -- to explore what has happened to the American West. The audience will experience Lewiston, eat a meal together, and then watch Clarkston.

So Sam's ambitious vision, along with the steadfast partnership of director Davis McCallum and set designer Dane Laffrey, became the catalyst for our upcoming “demolition.”  And we intend to re-set after with flexible configurations.

I have been thinking about these changes as a stunning metaphor for the seismic shifts taking place in our country and certainly in the theater field. We are exploring what can be broken down and reconstituted anew.  How do we do theater? What parts of your foundation do you hold onto and what can we let go?

Here's what I feel strongly we need to hold onto; how about you?  We must prioritize telling stories that haven't been heard as loudly.  We must open up our space to artists and audiences of color not traditionally welcome in dominant-culture institutions.  What do you think? Will you share your ideas with me about what this means to you?

As such, this is a moment to be steadfast in our courage to demolish, so that we can arise anew with greater flexibility than we ever had before.   

Wish us luck!. And we will keep you posted on how it's going on social media!

Daniella Topol