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Community Partnerships


Community Partnerships

Our approach to Partnership with appropriate organizations is to involve core advisors to the project; in turn we provided space and opportunities to share their work with our community. Our aim is to deepen the audience’s understanding and empathy of the stories we tell to open more pathways and advocates for social change. 

Putting community partnerships at the core of our creative team and process has changed the way we think about producing work. For every show, we are committed to finding innovative ways for our work with community partners to be transformational, not merely transactional. And this has become an essential part of the artistic process.

Rattlestick is presenting great art with impactful and relevant themes. Being a part of the community conversations was really special and I believe the patrons were engaged and grateful for the space to share their views."

- Tanisha Malcom, National Alliance on Mental Illness

If your organization is interested in partnering with us or learning more, please email Marketing and Community Outreach Manager Caroline Portante at


Former and Current Community Partners

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