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Global Forms Theater Festival

The Global Forms Theater Festival is back for the THIRD YEAR! This annual summer theater festival focuses on works by immigrant artists, a historically marginalized group. Since its inception during the midst of the pandemic, we have involved over 100 artists from 34 countries - truly bridging the world together when travel was made impossible.  This year, we are back - bigger and better.

We will be premiering:

Global Stage (in person)

3 workshops and 1 staged reading of new works


Global Dialogue (via Zoom)

Conversations with theater companies around the world


Global Learn (via Zoom)

Workshops led by immigrant artists

Global Gab (via Zoom)

A cross-cultural conversation


Global Share (posted on our Facebook & IG accounts)

Artists sharing tidbits about their home country

GFTF 2022 will be a festive celebration of immigrant artists! Spread the word to immigrant artists you know!

(in person)
All the Lonely Women

By Inés Braun (Argentina) and Leigh Flayton​

June 2, 7:30pm ET in-person performance

June 3,7:30pm ET in-person performance

+ talkback

June 4, 7:30pm ET in-person performance

global stae
All the Lonely Women.jpg

All the Lonely Women is a queer fairytale about the strangeness of looking for love during the pandemic. Infused with magical realism, the play explores the poignancy — and inevitable humor— of love and longing during a time of isolation and separation.

Ines Braun.jpg
Leigh Flayton.jpg

Playwright/Director - Inés Braun

Playwright - Leigh Flayton


Lola - Paulina de la Parra

All the other women - Anula Navlekar


Poster Design - Pilar Otero

Set & Costume Designer - Johanna Pan

Sound Designer - Evdoxia Ragkou

Assistant Stage Manager - Julieta Sverdlick

Lighting Designer - Nic Vincent

Stage Manager - Eszter Zador

Line Producer - Salma S. Zohdi 

Chava the Giant and the Oldest Bird (reading)

By Ran Xia (China)

June 5, 2:00pm ET in-person performance

June 5,7:30pm ET in-person performance


This is a story of arrivals, and survivals. Over the span of a century, we meet the Golem who grows into a part of the city that witnesses and remembers, the Jinni who hides from her identity but hopes to one day run her own metal shop, the Chinese witch who speaks about premonitions, believing herself to be a reincarnated snake goddess. And there's Bird, who comes around every year like clockwork.

Ran Xia.jpg

Playwright/Director - Ran Xia


Bird - Seth Clayton

Cardiff - Shani Hadjian

Bai Lin - Rachel Lin

Chava - Kaila Wooten


Incidental Music - Sean Devare

Line Producer - Dorothea Gloria

Scenic Designer, Puppetry - Olivia Hern

Associate Producer - Kaylin Kellin

Stage Manager - Renate Mattar

Lighting Designer - Yang Yu 


By Yuriko Shibata (Japan) and Andrew Strano (Australia)

June 9, 7:30pm ET in-person performance

June 11, 7:30 pm ET in-person performance

+ streaming

June 12, 2:00 pm ET in-person performance

+ talkback


An elemental, impressionistic window into a world of yearning, queer identity, and parts of who we are that we so savagely cut ourselves off from, SKIN tells the story of Cath, Ed and their adult child Siobh as the tide of memory washes over them, threatening to reveal the secrets Cath has kept for years.

Yuriko Shibata.jpeg
Andrew Strano.jpeg

Music Director - Robbie Cowan

Composer - Yuriko Shibata

Book Writer/Lyricist - Andrew Strano

Director - Genevieve Wilson

Choreographer - Mandarin Wu


Heather - Hannah Bailey

Eddie - Brenton Cosier

Cath - Lynn Craig

Cate - Sara James

Siobh - Mariah Lotz

Ed - Ben McHugh


Lighting Designer - Bailey Costa

Line Producer - Jody Doo

Band - Nya Holmes (Bass), Zachary Larson (Guitar), Morgan Parker (Percussion)

Stage Manager - Abbey Howard

Assistant Stage Manager -  Andrew Kasper

Sound Designer - Sean Ramos

Costume & Scenic Designer - Lukas Wassmann


The Aliens Make Thanksgiving Dinner

By Derya Celikkol (Turkey), James Clements (Scotland), and Maamoun Tobbo (Lebanon)

June 10, 7:30 pm ET in-person performance

June 11, 2:00 pm ET in-person performance

+ streaming

June 12, 7:30 pm ET in-person performance

+ talkback

Aliens Insta.png

The Aliens Make Thanksgiving Dinner is a new experimental play-in-process exploring immigrant identities through art and food. Set in an empty theatre on Thanksgiving, this absurdist piece depicts three immigrant artists desperately trying to create an All-American spectacular - to secure their ever-elusive green cards.

Derya Celikkol (1).jpg
James Clements.jpg
Maamoun Tobbo.jpg

Playwright/Actor - Derya Celikkol

Playwright/Actor - James Clements

Playwright/Actor  - Maamoun Tobbo


Assistant Stage Manager - Zeynep Akca

Lighting Designer - Alexandra Dheming​

Sound Designer - Nori Hung

Set & Prop Designer - Luis Marciliano

Photo/Videographer - Hany Osman​

Costume Designer - Dan Wang

Stage Manager - Jo Wiegandt

Line Producer - Salma S. Zohdi

(via Zoom)

Global Dialogue is a series of virtual conversations with theater companies around the world.













GFTF - global dialogue-01.png

A conversation among queer creatives from Kenya and Rwanda in East Africa. In this dialogue, we will be discussing what it means to create queer themed content for the LGBTIQ+ community in the countries where it is illegal and considered taboo to be queer. These artists share their stories of pains when their queer themed art have been canceled or postponed indefinitely by local authorities or homophobic individuals in their own countries. The artists (Riann, Becky and Obel) are also proud of their wins when they had to defy these malicious structures to put up a show that spoke to the target audience regardless of the hardships.


Featuring panelists Joseph Obel, Riann Njeri, and Uwamahoro Mucyo Rebecca A.K.A. Becky, and hosted by Gikuiyu Kang'ari.

GFTF - global dialogue 2-01.png

Theatre Here and There is a conversation between a group of theatre makers and artists from a variety of international backgrounds. They will uncover the differences between theatre making here in the USA and in our their home countries — what have we learned here? What have we brought here? What do we wish was true here and at home?


Featuring panelists Ioanna Katsarou, Russell Legaspi and Joe Staton, and hosted by Andrew Strano.

GFTF - global dialogue 3-01.png

In this dialogue, festival producers will talk about the ins and outs of creating a theater festival. They will talk about their experiences, challenges, and tips on how to run a successful festival. In this dialogue, you will learn about how theater producers manage a big group of artists and their shows and why they do it.

Featuring host Chrysi Sylaidi with panelists Hope Azeda, Tianding He, and Emilio Maxwell Cerci.

Global dialogue
(via Zoom)
global learn

Global Learn is a platform for wonderfully talented artists to share their expertise, and a space for our international community to expand their frontiers of knowledge.

GFTF - Global Learn 6_6 .png

A session designed specifically to guide international actors applying to acting programs in the United States. The 90 minute session will include drama school audition dos and donts, facets of the admission process. Second half of the session will cover insights on the industry- talent agencies, management companies, resources/platforms for professional auditions. The final 15 minutes of the session will be reserved for an open Q/A. 

GFTF - Global Learn 6_7 (ALTERNATE).png

Welcome to the Audio Explosion. Audio content – fiction and non-fiction – has boomed since the pandemic. Over the course of this workshop, participants will learn how to leverage podcasting as a means to create their own artistic work, generate press and elevate their careers.  Whether you’re hungry to create a radioplay, podcast musical, interview show or even your very own true crime podcast, we will share the journey of how to start on a shoestring budget (crafting a vision, recording setup/gear/tech and workflow) and end up listed on directories like ApplePodcasts and Spotify. We will also discuss ways to find opportunities to be a guest on podcasts, how to monetize and even submit your production to festivals.  


Join us to learn another avenue to help establish yourself as ‘extraordinary’ and/or an ‘expert’ to boost your career and satisfy USCIS criteria. Share your voice. Share your talent. Share your story.

GFTF - global learn 3-01.png

This workshop is designed to provide a general background about the Commedia dell’Arte’s history, its characteristics, languages and techniques. Through the introduction of the masks and the relationship between characters (Servant and Master) the participants will get to learn more about this ancient art form and how to implement it into modern or classical physical roles.


The session will be (online) 90 minutes, covering the following topics:

- The History of Commedia dell’arte

- The Masks 

- Grammelot and Languages

- Physicality 

- Commedia dell'Arte in classical and modern physical roles


- Final Q&A

(via Zoom)
Global gab

A cross-cultural conversation hosted by Jody Doo. Global Gab is a monthly program at Rattlestick Theater since Summer 2019. Every month, alongside reputable panelists, Jody strives to dig deep into a topic that is of interest to immigrant artists.


A couple of hit sessions have been How to book WITHOUT an agent, How safe do you feel?, Grant Writing 101 and Finding Love as an Immigrant


At this year’s Global Forms Theater Festival, Global Gab brings you two engaging sessions. 


GFTF - Global Gab 6_1.png

On the commencement day of the festival, we feature two remarkable female international artists - Anna Cherkezishvili and Yi Qing Zhao. 


Yi Qing Zhao (China) is an actor, filmmaker, author and coach. She has self-produced and acted in multiple short films and plays. Yi Qing will be sharing with us all about how to create your own work despite all odds. 


Next up, Anna Cherkezishvili (Georgia) is an actress who has traveled the world for work - Slovakia, Ecuador to name a couple. She will be sharing with us how to best pitch yourself as an immigrant actor to Directors, Writers and Producers. 


Hosted by Jody Doo (Singapore), this Global Gab session oozes the essence of strong international women who are here to share and impart valuable lessons from their artistic journey. 

GFTF - Global Gab 6_6.png

For our second Global Gab session at GFTF, we bring you a reprise of 'How to book WITHOUT an agent'. This gab sesh first took place in January'22 and you Global Gabbers want more! We hear you loud and clear. 


This time round, we bring on Eddy Lee as our panelist. Eddy is currently a swing on Broadway's Hamilton - which he booked WITHOUT an agent.


Eddy was the first Asian-American male dancer to be hired on Hamilton. He also swings in for the titular role of Hamilton. This fall, Eddy will be part of the cast for the premiere of Kpop on Broadway. Insta: @edru00


Join host Jody Doo as she gabs with Eddy about his journey on booking without an agent. This inspirational story is not to be missed. 

Global Share is an offering in which immigrant artists share tidbits about their home country. 

This year's featured artists include: 

Anna Cherkezishvili (Georgia) 
Dorothea Gloria (Philippines) 
Emile Aslan Lacheny (France/Turkey)
Nick Lambrou (Greece)
Ana Moioli (Brazil)
Maria Müller (Romania) 
Jan Ohlenmacher (Germany)
Caroline Rou (Denmark)
Chrysi Sylaidi (Greece)

Julio Vaquero (Spain)
Yi Qing Zhao (China)



Check out their videos, which will be rolled out during the festival, on our Facebook and Instagram!

global share graphic.png
(posted on our Facebook & IG acounts)
Global share
Production Team

Lead Producer - Yue Liu

Line Producers - Jody Doo, Danilo Gambini, Dorothea Gloria, Iman Mirza, Salma S. Zohdi

Production Manager - Kasper Klop

Festival Producing Assistants - Florence Lebas, Isabella Pipitone

Advisory Board Members

​Pun Bandhu, Catherine Coray, Derek Goldman, Martyna Majok, Arian Moayed, Evren Odcikin,

Penny Pun, Chay Yew

Selection Committee

Pun Bandhu, Catherine Coray, Jody Doo, Danilo Gambini, Yue Liu, Penny Pun, Salma S. Zohdi

Thank you to our generous supporters: Faith Catlin and John Griesemer, Juliet Moser, Heather Randall, The Darnell-Moser Charitable Fund, The Tony Randall Theatrical Fund, and the Houghton Hall Arts Community.

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