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Global Gab: Tax Prep for Freelancers & Immigrant Artists

February 28, 2023


It's tax season again! This year, Global Gab has prepared a panel for you that will be a one-stop shop - doing your taxes as a freelancer AND as an immigrant artist. 


We have invited tax advisor Theresa Desautels to breakdown how to do your taxes as a freelance artist in NYC. 


Next, we have CPA Toral Gathani, who is an immigrant herself, to share with us the intricacies of doing your taxes as an immigrant artist. 


Get your ducks in line this tax season. Email your tax questions to Alongside host Jody Doo, let's tackle the year's taxes with ease!  

Theresa Desautels
Toral Gathani
Theresa Desautels.jpg

Theresa is a Seattle-based documentary filmmaker, death doula, and tax advisor. She worked in the film industry for a decade before recognizing she had no idea how to correctly do her taxes! Theresa found Brass Taxes just in time and was a client for years before realizing that helping freelancers with their taxes is oddly satisfying work. When she's not doing taxes or working on films, she’s talking to folks about death while remembering to celebrate life by dancing, hiking, and speculating about the solar system. 

Toral Gathani.jpg

Toral has 14 + years of experience in designing strategies for business owners and individuals, auditing and reviewing Co-op, condominiums in NYC, Not-For-Profit organizations, and tax preparation. She has experience of working on 600+ Individual taxes, 500+ Business Accounting and tax returns, 35+ NPO, supported 50+ audits-reviews-compilations and guided 20+ firms with bookkeeping services and still counting. She specializes in corporate taxation for small to medium-sized businesses and individual taxation. Toral is a manager at Bernstein Rosen & Company, PC located in New York and Treasurer for BNI Chapter 11 Manhattan. Toral is also a Secretary of International Graduate Studies Inc, an NYS non-profit with a mission to assist international students.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Auditing and Masters of Science in Accounting. Toral, is a Chartered Accountant in India and an active member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. She is also a member of the American Institute of CPAs and the New York State Society of CPAs.

Jody Doo

Jody Doo is an actor and host, born and raised in sunny Singapore. She is passionate about using her work to uplift minority voices. As an actor, Jody pioneered the role of Sunny Lee in the U.S premiere of White Pearl (Studio Theatre), and has been seen in international commercials. As a host, Jody has a decade of experience - Universal Studios Singapore, rock climbing competitions, national cultural events, to name a few. She is now the host and producer of Global Gab - a monthly virtual panel discussing immigrant topics - where she seeks to dig deep with fellow immigrant artists. She also holds a B.A in Communications from University at Buffalo. Find out more about her work on

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