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How Do I Become a Rattlestick Artist?

Novenas for a Lost Hospital, 2019.jpg
How Do I Become a Rattlestick Artist?

Novenas for a Lost Hospital, 2019

For current job and audition postings, please visit our Work with Us page.


This is a big question, and every Rattlestick artist’s answer will be different. Rattlestick is not a traditional theater company. We’re community-based. We’re multidisciplinary-based. We value communion and collaboration over the traditional submission → evaluation → decision process.

This means that we do not accept script submissions. We also do not accept acting reels or unsolicited artistic resumes. Though we wish we could take the time to look at all the amazing materials that come our way, our staff and artistic team are unfortunately unable to give these submissions the time and attention that they deserve.

But fret not! In place of a submissions system, our staff and artistic team are constantly imagining new ways to give you, the artist, a chance to explore, collaborate, and grow. We encourage new artists to check out our programs and opportunities so that we can get to know your work and so that you can get to know us!

Pitbulls, 2014.jpg

Pitbulls, 2014

​Now you’re probably asking, “Well, what are these opportunities you speak of?”

Great question! Some of our long-standing programs include The Global Forms Theater Festival, an annual theater festival dedicated to immigrant and international theater artists. In 2021, we showcased over 100 theater artists from 34 different countries. We'll be releasing more information about how to apply for this year's festival soon so stay tuned!

In addition, we have many programs in new works development, such as the Terrence McNally Incubator and Van Lier Fellowship. Applications to be a part of our 2024-25 class of fellows will open in the coming months.


Opportunities at Rattlestick are always growing and evolving, so keep an eye out for some exciting new programs that will be coming your way in 2024!

Now we bet you’re wondering, “How do I find out about these opportunities?” 

We’re so glad you asked! Our mailing list is the best place to start––there, you can stay up-to-date on new shows and programs. Additionally, feel free to check out our social media, where you can get the inside scoop on all upcoming events, calls for submissions, and ways to get involved. Lastly, our Work with Us page will be updated with all current calls for employment or collaboration, so be sure to keep an eye on that as well. 

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