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Isolated Incidents

Isolated Incidents

Isolated Incidents follows five essential workers and their families as they grapple with anxiety and the need for honesty--and how race impacts every interaction and decision they make. The series shows that maybe all those isolated incidents aren’t so isolated after all.   This series is both specific to 2020 and universal, looking at how a once-in-a-century public health crisis exposes the things that were always there.  This majority-BIPOC majority-queer collective of writers capture stories that center the invisible front line - workers who are essential inside of the pandemic, and the lives they lead behind the job. The stories that don’t make the headlines but are just as important.

Creative Producer - Pearl Hodiwala

Technical Producer - Alan Seales

Supervising Producer - Brittany Bigelow

Dialogue Edit and Line Produced - Brett Ashleigh

Sound Designed - Twi McCallum

Co-Composed - Brian Quijada and Marvin Quijada

Press Marketing and Social Media - Katie Rosin, Yoanna Nikolova and Ayanna Prescodd

Casting - Calleri Jensen Davis 

This series is produced by Rocco Productions Limited Liability Corporation in association with Rattlestick Playwrights Theater and the Broadway Podcast Network.

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Episode 1: MEDIATION 

A live-in-couple takes in a brother-in-law; political and personal tensions arise. Written by Nicholas Kaidoo and Directed by Nicole A Watson. Featuring Naomi Lorrain as Aubrie, Ronald Peet as Derek, Godfrey L. Simmons Jr. as Newsreader and Regine Vital as Gerline.




An interracial lesbian couple worry about who their new neighbors could be. Written by Laura Neill and Directed by Jade King Caroll. Featuring Helen Cespedes as Anna and Danaya Esperanza as Leo. 



Episode 3: NEITHER NOR 

An overworked postal worker must solve all of the world’s problems even though it’s not her job. Written by Jaymes Sanchez and Directed by Nicole A Watson. Featuring Rachel Cognata as Michelle, Angus O’Brien as Garrett, Lipica Shah as Katie and Godfrey L. Simmons Jr. as Lou. 



Episode 4: IN PUBLIC 

A nervous ex-caregiver struggles to hide her anxiety, fear, and grief as she attempts to date out in public for the first time since the pandemic.  Written by Hayley Spivey and Directed by Jade King Carroll. Featuring Kadahj Bennett as Dan, Sarah Herrman as Rachel, Brian McManamon as Male Customer, and Jen Ponton as Barista.


An interracial queer couple struggles to cohabitate with their mother-in-law as they try to find their future home. Written by Pascale Florestal and Directed by Nicole A Watson. Featuring Blair Baker as Taylor, Naomi Lorrain as Aubie, Lipica Shah as Voicemail Voice, Nancy Robinette as Linda and Regine Vital as Gerline. 



Episode 6: THE PACKAGE

The lives of previously isolated characters converge. Written by Pascale Florestal, Nicholas Kaidoo, Laura Neill, Jaymes Sanchez and Hayley Spivey. Directed by Jade King Carroll. Featuring Blair Baker as Taylor, Helen Cespedes as Anna, Rachel Congnata as Michelle, Danaya Esperanza as Leo, Sarah Herrman as Rachel, Robert Jimenez as Grandpa, Naomi Lorrain as Aubrie, Godfrey L. Simmons Jr. as Lou and Regine Vital as Gerline. 

Isolated Incidents - MEDIATION
Isolated Incidents - NIGHTMARE NEXT DOOR
Isolated Incidents - NEITHER NOR
Isolated Incidents - IN PUBLIC
Isolated Incidents - MONSTER IN THE PANDEMIC
Isolated Incidents - THE PACKAGE
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