Middle Voice: Rattlestick’s Apprentice Company  was founded and mentored by award-winning playwright Lucy Thurber in 2012, Middle Voice is a collective of 26 multi-disciplinary, ethnically-diverse, theater artists between the ages of 19-30. During their time in the company, each Middle Voice member is tasked with creating a “mission project” that speaks to them aesthetically, politically, or socially, and addresses a need they perceive in the kinds of stories being represented on New York stages.



The Middle Voice at Rattlestick currently has no submission or application process. Members are invited to join the company after collaborating with us on different events over time. We collaborate with our Friends when we go into productions, workshops, readings, and small festivals. We welcome all interested individuals to join us and get involved. If you’re interested in becoming a Friend of the Middle Voice please email us using this using this form: 

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