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A Fable

May 3rd - Jun 28th, 2014

Rattlestick Theater Presents

A Fable

Written by David Van Asselt Directed by Daniel Talbott


Sergeant Chuckles / Rocky Fug - Edward Carnevale

Want / Mother / Mercy - Liza Fernandez

Chandra - Dawn-Lyen Gardner

Biff / Soldier - Maxwell Hamilton

Uncle / Fourhire - Jerry Matz

Jonny - Hubert Point-Du Jour

Molly / Aunt - Eileen Rivera

Secretary / Woman / Ensemble - Sarah Shaefer

Hallie Burton / Elena / Cherry Worms - Pamela Shaw

Angela - Samantha Soule

Father - Alok Tewari

Luke - Gordon Joseph Weiss

Collin / Bill Milkem / Young Man - Sanford Wilson



Artistic Director - Daniel Talbott

Artistic Director - David Van Asselt

Produced in Association - Rattlestick Playwrights Theater

Managing Director - Brian Long

Playwright - David Van Asselt

Music - Elizabeth Swados

Songs - Elizabeth Swados

Director - Daniel Talbott

Musical Director - Trevor Bachman

Assistant Director - Sarah Shaefer

Fight Director - UnkleDave's Fight-House

Set Designer - John McDermott

Costume Designer - Tristan Raines

Lighting Designer - Joel Moritz

Sound Designer - Janie Bullard

Projection Designer - Kaitlyn Pietras

Hair/Make-Up - Caitlin Conci

Press Representative - Richard Kornberg & Associates

Press Representative - Don Summa

Stage Manager - Andrew Slater

Assistant Stage Manager - Lorely Trinidad

Production Manager - David Nelson

Technical Director - Caroline Blackford

Prop Master - Christine Goldman

Wardrobe - Jude Hinojosa

Casting - Calleri Casting

Advertising - DR Advertising

Marketing - Leanne Schanzer Promotions, Inc.

Produced By Rising Phoenix Repertory in association with Rattlestick Playwrights Theater at Cherry Lane Theatre

The epic adventure of an idealist spurred on by love to right a long-forgotten wrong, A Fable follow his encounters with a whole cast of characters — colorful and corrupt, lucky and ill-fated — as they each grope their way through a landscape of nationwide strife and corporate greed. A play of dualities, A Fable takes into question how each choice we make can drastically change our ending.

Photos by Paula Court


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