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Carson McCullers Talks About Love

May 5th - June 5th, 2011

Rattlestick Theater Presents

Carson McCullers Talks About Love

Written and Performed By Suzanne Vega

Directed By Kay Matschullat​


SET DESIGNER - Louisa Thompson

LIGHT DESIGNER - Lenore Doxsee


SOUND DESIGNER - Nick Kourtides

In Carson McCullers Talks About Love, Suzanne Vega performs the role of the iconic author Carson McCullers, reminiscing about her life, her loves and her art. While explaining herself, McCullers wrestles with the demons that have intruded on her from the beginning of her life. Seamlessly moving between spoken word and song, Ms. Vega channels the resilient spirit and relentless humor of Ms. McCullers in a way that reveals the meeting of two souls in a single work of art. A compelling hybrid of music and theatre, Carson McCullers Talks About Love is a musical portrait of one of the most important figures in American literature.

Photos by Sandra Coudert


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