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October 10th - December 16th, 2018

Rattlestick Theater Presents


Written by Samuel D. Hunter Directed by Davis McCallum

LEWISTON CAST Arnie Burton Kristin Griffith Leah Karpel


Heidi Armbruster

Edmund Donovan

Noah Robbins

DRAMATURG - John Baker

LIGHTING DESIGN - Stacey Derosier

ASSOCIATE DIRECTORS - Shadi Ghaheri, Lillian Meredith

SET DESIGN - Dane Laffrey

SOUND DESIGN - Fitz Patton COSTUME DESIGN - Jessica Wegener Shay STAGE MANAGER - Katie Young, Joanne Pan

Together the plays, LEWISTON and CLARKSTON focus on two modern-day descendants of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. Set at a failing fireworks stand in Lewiston, Idaho, and across the river at a big box store in Clarkston, Washington, the plays LEWISTON and CLARKSTON share the essential question: what is the true legacy of the great American push West?

LEWISTON is a play fundamentally about the past. An aging descendant of Meriwether Lewis has been selling off her family’s land piece by piece for years, becoming increasingly convinced that her family’s past is less of a legacy and more of a curse. But when an unexpected visitor blasts into her life, she is forced to consider if there is anything good left in the world at all.

CLARKSTON is a play fundamentally about the future. A young descendant of William Clark has made the journey out west from his home in Connecticut, desperate to find meaning in his own history. But when he finds a landscape dotted with small, struggling towns and big box stores, his faith in his future—and indeed the future of the entire country—starts to feel misplaced.

Photos by Sandra Coudert Graham

Food Partner: Ready to Eat


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