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Novenas for a Lost Hospital

September 5th - October 13th, 2019

Rattlestick Theater Presents

Novenas for a Lost Hospital

Written by Cusi Cram With Dramaturgy by Guy Lancaster Directed by Rattlestick Artistic Director Daniella Topol


Kathleen Chalfant

Ken Barnett

Goussy Celestin

Leland Fowler

Justin Genna

Steven Jeltsch

Alvin Keith

Shayne Lebron-Acevedo

Kelly McAndrew

Noriko Omichi

Rafael Sánchez

Laura Vogels

Natalie Woolams-Torres

CHOREOGRAPHY - Edisa Weeks SET DESIGN - Carolyn Mraz COSTUME DESIGN - Ari Fulton LIGHTING DESIGN - Stacey Derosier CO-SOUND DESIGN - Brian Hickey & Sinan Zafar COMPOSER - Serge Ossorguine PROPS DESIGN - Rhys Alexander ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR - Em Weinstein STAGE MANAGER - P. Tyler Britt PRODUCTION MANAGER - Jenny Snyder TECHNICAL DIRECTOR - Aaron Gonzalez

CREATIVE PARTNER - Lannyl Stephens CASTING - Tara Rubin PUBLICITY - John Wyszniewski/Everyman Agency GRAPHIC DESIGN - Naomi Usher/Studio Usher

Novenas for a Lost Hospital is a communal experience to remember, honor, re-imagine and celebrate St Vincent’s Hospital. Inspired by the caretakers and patients of St. Vincent's Hospital, and guided by Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, this unique event takes a 60-person audience on a journey from an enclosed garden to Rattlestick’s intimate West Village theater to the NYC AIDS Memorial Park.

Photos by Julieta Cervantes


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