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Theatrical experiences available for an extended period of time. Enjoy now!

MTA Radio Plays

Until the Flood, 2018

MTA Radio Plays is a series of audio dramas created to honor and celebrate the people that keep New York City running. MTA Radio Plays features the work of 15 playwrights. Each episode is inspired by a stop along the MTA’s 2 Train Line and each writer has selected a stop that reflects their own experience, in whatever style they choose.


All episodes are now available to stream! To note, MTA Radio Plays are available only to audience members who have RSVP'd. If you have previously RSVP'd and need access, or would like to RSVP now, please email

Until the Flood

Until the Flood, written and performed by Dael Orlandersmith, directed by Neel Keller.


Writer-performer Dael Orlandersmith’s one-woman show explores Ferguson following the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown. Based on extensive interviews, this theatrical event gives voice to a community grappling with injustice and yearning for change.

Watch now this New York Times Critics Pick production for free on Youtube by clicking the link below.

Isolated Incidents

Written by a majority-BIPOC and queer collective of writers, Isolated Incidents is a 6-part audio drama series. These stories center the invisible front line workers who are essential inside of the pandemic and the lives they lead behind the job.

Isolated Incidents follows five essential workers and their families as they grapple with anxiety and the need for honesty--and how race impacts every interaction and decision they make. The series shows that maybe all those isolated incidents aren’t so isolated after all.   This series is both specific to 2020 and universal, looking at how a once-in-a-century public health crisis exposes the things that were always there.  This majority-BIPOC majority-queer collective of writers capture stories that center the invisible front line - workers who are essential inside of the pandemic, and the lives they lead behind the job. The stories that don’t make the headlines but are just as important.

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