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The Gett
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Become a supporter of our first mainstage production of the 2022-23 Season

Become a Gett Patron

Rattlestick is thrilled to present the world premiere of The Gett, written by Liba Vaynberg and directed by Rattlestick Artistic Director Daniella Topol. This piece, co-commissioned by Brooklyn Jews, Congregation Beth Elohim, and Rattlestick Theater, is a tale of the dirty and the divine, drawing on everything from the Torah to bad sex. As sacred as it is profane, this is a play about recreating a self.


We believe this powerful play could have a long life in theaters across the country, and our aim is to bring recognition to the talented emerging artists creating the work through a well-attended, impactful production. Please consider joining us by becoming a Gett patron. Your support will help us keep ticket prices affordable for everyone in our community while bolstering this exciting new work.

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If you’re interested in supporting The Gett at a higher level, please contact Laura at


Pledge your support today by sending a check to Rattlestick Theater at 224 Waverly Pl., New York, NY 10014 or contact Laura at lzlatos@ 15

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This production is dedicated to Rattlstick's beloved friend and former Board treasurer Rosalee Lovett.

A message from Daniella Topol


Rosalee Lovett was Rattlestick’s Treasurer and Executive Board Member since 2017 and we miss her dearly.

Rosalee gave all of herself to the Board of Rattlestick. She poured over financial documents with her expert eye and fine attention to detail. She made our

finance meetings fun, lively, important, necessary. She engaged in strategic planning and executive decision-making with such a sense of clarity, justice, and vision. Rosalee and her beloved husband Bruce consistently showed up to see our productions and to engage thoughtfully with the work and the artists who made it.

Rosalee was also an avid theatergoer. In contrast with her financial expertise, she approached seeing theater with a sense of wonder and child-like curiosity. She delighted in any and all kinds of theater and often saw multiple plays in a given week. Theater and artists fueled her, sparking her curiosity and imagination.

Rosalee brought her worlds together. She invited her friends and Congregation Beth Elohim community to Rattlestick, and she invited Rattlestick friends to Congregation Beth Elohim (CBE). She was passionate about creating and expanding community and finding ways to make the world bigger collectively. This passion of hers is what inspired a connection between Rattlestick and CBE, which led to our two organizations co-commissioning Liba Vaynberg to write The Gett. We will produce The Gett. this fall and dedicate this produc-
tion to her as it truly wouldn’t have happened without her.

A poem from Liba Vaynberg


And, so she filled it.

She pried it open, she insisted—

She poured and tore.

She found coins and long engagements

Aramaic letters and coffee cups

She excavated old theaters and fell into couches

And love

Again and again and again and again

With the one she married

Who followed her to God


I’ll tell you a secret

When I met her it was what they once called All Hallow’s Eve

And there were eyeballs in her doorbell

And skeletons in the bushes

And, you know, she was not afraid

Of the bones or of the questions or of the time

Her daughter wandered in the hallway

And she sat with me

In a quiet memory that I couldn’t write down quickly enough


Besides, the words are fleeting

And the errands are endless

With every cold chore

With every windy lesson

With every mediocre play




Learn to hope with your chest

To breathe in the rose that’s carved into your lungs

To work like the eldest daughter

Who planted her heart in the wood


And grew a world

The Gett is generously funded by The Blanche & Irving Laurie Foundation; Stephanie Connor, in honor of Liba Vaynberg; Richard Hodos; Marcia and Harold Langsam, in honor of Rosalee Lovett; Bruce Lovett, in honor of Rosalee Lovett; NYU Community Fund; Amy Oshinsky, in memory of Rosalee Lovett; Norm and Sandy Reisman, Alana R. Spiwak and Sam L Stolbun; the Still Point Fund; and Sydelle and Andy Weinberger.

This production is dedicated to Rattlestick's beloved friend and former Board treasurer Rosalee Lovett.

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