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Global Forms Theater Festival

Global Forms Theater Festival (GFTF) is presented in partnership with New York Theatre Salon. This one-of-a-kind festival is dedicated to showcasing the work of international and immigrant theater artists living in the United States and abroad. Through workshop presentations of new works, panel discussions, and knowledge-sharing sessions, GFTF explores humanity, freedom, home, and isolationism. Since its inception in 2020, the festival has collaborated with 300 artists from over 40 countries.


The fourth edition of GFTF will take place from

June 1-11, 2023, with the theme Green Theater. This year, the festival will maintain hiring collaborators who are immigrant artists, making this the very first festival with 100% immigrant artists employment.


All events are free to attend and open to the public.

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Up Next: GFTF Town Hall

On December 8th, we welcome one and all immigrant artists to this virtual town hall meeting. Bring your list of questions and we shall gladly tackle them head on. This would also be a great chance to meet other immigrant artists and perhaps find collaborators along the way too. 

The theme of GFTF 2023 is Green Theater where we seek to explore different channels of pursuing sustainable theater practice. 


Here are some keywords to think about: green, sustainability, biodiversity, environmental crisis, wildlife conservation, ecology, global warming, the future generation, co-exist, environmental policy, carbon neutral, environmentally responsible, organic, environmentally sound. 



The mission of Global Forms Theater Festival is to create opportunities, visibility, and community for international and immigrant artists. This group of artists is drastically underrepresented and underserved in our industry.

All of the artists involved in GFTF are paid, and the festival does not ask for any form of payment for participation. The festival is funded solely through sponsorships, grants and donations contributed by government agencies, foundations, organizations, and individuals.

Selection Process

GFTF will work with a selection committee that is comprised of 100% immigrant artists - including Rattlestick staff members and invited industry experts.

  • Global Forms Theater Festival 2023 will be comprised of 100% immigrant artists* 

  • Should your project be selected, GFTF will support you with a line producer, provide help hiring immigrant artists, rehearsal space, budgeting, marketing, PR, and all aspects of the production.

  • Should your project be selected, you agree to use unified language for press, marketing, and social media. Said language will be provided by the Rattlestick Marketing Team. 

  • GFTF producers have the prerogative to approve all casting and hiring. 

For any inquiries, please email gftf2023@rattlestick.org

  • Your project must be relevant to the festival’s theme Green Theater.

  • You must commit to only hiring immigrant artists* to work on your project.

  • We do not ask for a finalized project at the time of application, but be mindful that the period between the project’s selection and its presentation at the festival, is short. 

  • Originality: If your project includes pre-existing materials, it is your responsibility to clear the underlying rights.


*by immigrant artists, we mean: artists working under F, J, O, EB, or other forms of eligible Employment-Based Immigrant Visas.


Global Stage (In Person Workshop Presentations)

  • Each workshop presentation will have 2 weeks of rehearsals, and up to 3 public presentations between Thursday through Sunday.

  • Rattlestick will provide rehearsal space, with time slots to be agreed upon by each project.

  • Workshop presentations will take place at Rattlestick Theater, with show times to be agreed upon by all projects. 

  • Rattlestick will create a budget for each project, based on its needs and our resources. Specific contract to be updated at a later date. The budget will be discussed with the finalist teams before the final selection is confirmed. 

  • Each workshop production has to be within a duration of 45 to 90 minutes.

  • Submit your idea/s via the GFTF 2023 application form. 

Global Learn (Knowledge-Sharing Sessions)

  • Global Learn takes place either via Zoom or in person at Rattlestick Theater (pending theater availability).

  • The topic of the sessions should be related to the festival theme Green Theater

  • Each session will last 60 to 90 minutes in total.

  • The session can be led by one or two artists.

  • Submit your idea/s via the GFTF 2023 application form. 


Global Share (virtual)​

  • Share your food culture in NYC, implementing green practices, via a 1-minute video. 

  • All selected videos will be featured on Rattlestick social media channels. 

  • For example, if you’re Brazilian, take us to a Brazilian restaurant in NYC that you love! The only catch is that we ask you to implement green practices. I.E. if you’re getting groceries to cook, bring a reusable bag; if you’re getting a beverage, use a tumbler; if you’re getting takeout, bring your own reusable containers; if you have biodegradable waste, please compost. Get creative! 

  • Here is a playlist of past videos





More information to come, follow @rattlestickny on IG for the latest updates! 

Production Team

Lead Producer - Yue Liu

Line Producers - Jody Doo, Danilo Gambini, Salma S. Zohdi.