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Rent Our Space

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Rent Our Space

Rattlestick’s performance space, the 224 Waverly Theater, is available at different times throughout the year to be rented for rehearsals, readings and non-theater events. The theater has seventy-nine (79) raked seats in our space on the 2nd Floor of a historic building in the heart of the West Village.

The building’s features include:

  • Central air conditioning, as well as additional heating/cooling units;

  • Two backstage restrooms;

  • Dressing room/Green room space for 7 actors.

  • Wide range of light and sound equipment.

The rental clients’ use of the space is overseen by Rattlestick’s Technical Director Filippo De Capitani,  Fireguard certified House Managers, certified COVID Compliance Officers, and a Box Office Manager are also available to facilitate audience-facing performances.


For more information on theater rentals, including availability and price sheets, please email Filippo De Capitani ( and mention your interest and a brief description of your needs/the project for which you are hoping to rent the theater.


Unfortunately, the 224 Waverly Theater is not currently ADA compliant. There are seventeen (17) steps from the front door up to our small lobby space; theater seating requires at least another one to nine (1-9) steps. There are four steps from the lobby floor to the stage, which is level with the dressing rooms and backstage bathrooms. We do not currently have audience-accessible restrooms.

The Space
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